Google, IBM and others join the Amazon cloud market together

A group of cloud computing companies are attacking Amazon Web Services, the dominant site, offering free rates or greatly reduced rates for data transfer between cloud services.
The Bandwidth Alliance, as the group calls itself, was launched on Wednesday and includes leading cloud computing companies such as Google Cloud of Alphabet Inc., Azure of Microsoft Corp. and IBM Cloud of International Business Machines. and independent companies such as Digital Ocean, Backblaze and Packet.
The group aims to attract customers from AWS, the largest provider of cloud computing, with sales of $ 17.5 billion last year, challenging the practice of AWS. This allows customers to transfer data to the AWS cloud for free during the download process.
“It’s a bit like the hotel in California,” said Matthew Prince, CEO of founding member Cloudflare, referring to the legendary hotel in a song by The Eagles, where guests can check when they want, but can not never “You can enter your data for free, but extracting costs a lot of money, which creates a serious data-severity problem when storing data in the cloud.”
To remedy this, companies allow their joint customers to transfer data between their services for free or, in the case of Microsoft and Google, to reduce it by around 75% compared to the prices displayed.
There is a personal interest in the companies involved: all are competing with AWS and in many cases would benefit if the data transfer between AWS and its services would be cheaper. In addition, Cloudflare, which runs the project because its content delivery network acts as a link between multiple cloud providers, competes directly with an AWS service called CloudFront.
Amazon had no immediate comment on the alliance. However, there are agreements that allow customers to freely move data, such as an alliance with that allows shared customers to transfer data. Microsoft, Adobe Systems Inc. and SAP SE have reached a similar agreement this week to exchange mutual customer information.

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