The promises and limits of Big Data

Although many people claim that we entered the era of big data, research companies say that most of the information they collect is never used. It is not cleaned, not scanned, not used in databases. However, when data analytics is used successfully, businesses benefit from it. Financial services companies use digital information about their customers […]

Why is artificial intelligence not safe in increasing productivity?

Are companies able to use artificial intelligence to increase efficiency and are their employees adequately qualified to leverage these technologies? Prithwiraj Choudhury applies to the US Patent and Trademark Office for a case study. Considering the rapidly developing era of artificial intelligence, employers are excited about the productivity gains that such tools can bring, while […]

Amazon Echo customers have problems in Europe

According to,’s Echo Smart Speakers suffered Wednesday failures in the UK and other European countries. The Web site has collected hundreds of reports about the problem with the speakers operated by Alexa, the voice-activated wizard from Amazon. The reports started on Wednesday around 8 o’clock British time. “This morning we had a problem […]